The experience is everything.

We bring a vibrancy and energy to every event we deliver, going above and beyond just creating experiences that impart knowledge and understanding of your product.

It’s what we do

Our team are adept at ensuring there is an emotional and long lived connection forged with the brand and product in a way that can be both fun and informative, creating unforgettable memories that touch both the heart and mind. Always delivered in an appropriate, genuine and personable style that brings your brand personality to life.
Brand events

Your product specialists

Our specialists make it their mission to know more about your products than anyone else, they are true brand advocates who have many years of engaging with different audiences.
Dealer support

We’ve got your back

With the aim of driving footfall to dealerships our equipment and product specialists are available to extend reach nationally and at a local level.
Launch events

Knowledge is powerful

Our fully trained instructors take the lead on carefully and expertly sourced routes and terrain. At the same time demonstrating product capabilities.
Training and comms

Time to learn

Through use of classroom environments or dynamic assessment of products on suitable terrain guided by experienced instructors, we communicate strong brand messages in a diverse range of event scenarios.
Incentive and recognition

Time to play

Escorting delegates to a location which may include a business message but primarily to create memorable experiences centred around the product. This may include media and corporate, perfect for networking and building relationships.
Content generation

Building a picture

We can support your business with specialist demonstration presenters for use in studio filming and location shoots to generate specific product content.
Sponsorship activations

Building awareness

Branding and creatively positioned products to maximise brand exposure.
Ride and drive events

Testing, testing

Enable consumers to get up close and experience products in real life environments that showcase features and capabilities.
Press fleet management

Leave it with us

We take away all your day to day hassles of dealing with the media, including preparing products, arranging collection/delivery and of course fixing any issues they may have.
Kinetics Group

The experience is everything


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